Planning your wedding has so many facets to consider, and one of things that can really set the tone for your big day are the wedding invitations. I have compiled a list of the top 10 wedding invitation trends for 2016 that you can use as inspiration for your wedding stationery. Some trends come and go while others have stayed near the top each year. I have my personal favorites (aka #4 and #10) but you can decide for yourself which are at the top of your list! Whether you are a modern or classic bride any of these trends can be tailored to fit your style and taste.

[header animation=””] 1. Rustic/Foliage[/header]
This trend has been going on for a while but is still holding strong and continues to be a popular style for invitations. Many brides that are planning for an outdoor wedding use a rustic design to set the tone for the guests and give a glimpse into how the venue will feel/look. Adding flowers or foliage, even succulents, is a simple way to add a bit of nature into your design.

[header animation=””]2. Foil Stamping[/header]
An elegant way to add shine is Foil stamping. Whether it be gold, copper, silver or a bright pink, foil adds that extra touch of sophistication to your invitations. The most popular foil color has been “Shiny Gold”, which can be used in vintage inspired designs or simple minimalist designs. Whichever metallic you choose to use, it will surely add glamour and a timeless feel to your big day.

[header animation=””]3. Letterpress[/header]
Letterpress is similar to foil stamping but is not shiny or metallic. It is all in personal taste but most brides want a deeper impression, which mean thick lux paper, that emphasizes the tactile feel of the paper. Letterpress makes any design look like a million bucks and can really give your invitations that extra wow factor.

WitandWhimsyPaperie_3- Letterpress
[header animation=””]4. Envelope Liners[/header]
A liner is the first thing your guests will see when they open up your invitations. Putting a little effort into this, sometimes forgotten piece, can take your stationery to the next level. You can use a unique paper or design a custom liner to fit the theme of your invitation. Either way, including an envelope liner is an easy way to add another layer of interest.

[header animation=””]5. Maps[/header]
For those of you planning on a destination wedding, maps are an important item to have for your out-of-town guests. But even if you aren’t having a far off wedding, including a detailed/fun map give guests another visual way to connect with your wedding. Brides are opting out of the boring old list instructions and going for a more interactive approach.

[header animation=””]6. Illustration/Handlettering[/header]
Illustration and handlettering have been on the rise over the past couple of years and it is no wonder with all the brides who want something one-of-a-kind. Custom lettering and designs are a way you can make your wedding invitations uniquely yours. If you don’t want your invitations to look like anyone else’s this is the way to go!

[header animation=””]7. Watercolor[/header]
Soft watercolor hues are a beautiful way to make your invitations have depth and dimension. There are so many techniques being used within this trend. Dip dying parts of the paper, mixing colors to make an organic effortless look, or painting more detailed images. It is ideal for a subtle background behind letterpress or foil stamping but can also be used as pops of color around the text.

WitandWhimsyPaperie_7- Watercolor
[header animation=””]8. Custom Monograms[/header]
Nothing makes your marriage seem all the more real like getting a custom monogram made with your soon-to-be last name! Incorporating items or a unique theme can give your monogram a personal touch. Some couples go for more traditional initials but with more intricate details within the letters or crest design. Once you have the design it can be used throughout your wedding like, the reception, programs, napkins, favors, and other décor to tie everything together.

WitandWhimsyPaperie_8- Monograms
[header animation=””]9. Bold Names[/header]
Couples names are taking center stage on the invitation. Using size and/or font choice to make them standout. After all, the wedding is all about the bride and groom! It’s usually best to have a point of interest within a design so why not make you; the layout can be formal or casual with how your names are displayed.

WitandWhimsyPaperie_9- Bold Names
[header animation=””]10. Unique Shapes/Folding[/header]
Our final trend for the New Year is a newly emerging trend. Wedding invitations are taking a turn from the ordinary rectangle to other unique shapes/folds. Invitations that fold out to become a poster, diecutting, or even lasercutting is starting to be what couples want to standout. The image above shows a Turkish Map Fold, which is one of my favorite folding trends, that can be used for an invitation, fold out map, or poster! If you are looking for that out-of-the-box idea for your invitations, this trend is for you!


That’s it! There are a lot of ideas out there, so I hope you got some insight and direction for your invitations. There is no wrong way to go, just remember to have fun with the process! Your wedding invitations should be a memento that you can save and have a physical reminder of your day and your love. So, find what inspires you and go with it!

🙂 Heather

Turkish Map Folding
Map-(Designed while at Old City Press)
Custom Monogram-(Designed while at Old City Press)
All other designs and images by Wit and Whimsy Paperie

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